A lot of literature and tales are devoted to homemade feeding of indoor plants. To believe or not to believe in them is a purely personal matter. But the fact remains - these recipes are passed down from generation to generation, therefore, Ostrovsky simply does not trust them.

Egg white

It would seem that such a thing to take 1 egg white and 200 ml of warm water. This mixture is infused for 7 days, diluted with 2 liters of drinking water.

Konda all deadlines have been met and watering is considered ready, you can safely feed your plants with this top dressing.

What is the secret

Egg white is rich in the substance Ovalbumin, a water-soluble protein. Interaction with water causes the resulting substance to break down into many amino acids. This is the best home remedy for plant nutrition. A similar trick with watering water from washed fresh meat. The only negative is the smell.

Leaf processing

Take 1 yolk and a measure of water equal to it in volume. All this is whipped with a fork until foam appears. The emulsion is applied with a cotton swab to the foliage. The mixture is applied without touching the bottom of the foliage of indoor plants. It is the so-called gas exchange organs that need to be processed, they are located on the upper side. After 3 days, a slightly specific smell will appear. Literally in 10-12 hours it will be gone.

Such processing serves as an excellent substitute for purchased fertilizer and nutrients. Not all plants in the home garden take them well, they lose their former freshness, the plant withers.

This substance makes protection against dust, masking from ugly whitish stains. Spraying saves the plant from mite reproduction. The egg yolk is rich in vitamins, and this is additional nutrition for the foliage of indoor flowers and plants.

Hydrogen peroxide

Among gardeners, the recipe for a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water (20 ml of hydrogen peroxide per 1 liter of water) is also famous. Houseplants are watered 1 after 5 days. Dose 3% hydrogen peroxide. This is done to restore the earth after mixing with old soil.

The consistency is 3 ml per 1 liter of water. Water is enough for irrigation - 1 ml to 5 liters. Regular watering is carried out at 5-10 drops per 1 liter of water. Thus, the disinfection of the new planting material is carried out. A solution of peroxide heals the old soil. More solution is added to pots with large plants. It stimulates growth, strengthens the earth, gives plants growth, and resistance to pests.