Growing grapes is a very responsible and difficult task. It is this plant that is susceptible to a large number of diseases and pests, therefore, if the gardener does not take all the necessary preventive measures in time, most likely there will be no fruits. The most common problem with grapes is blackening and rotting of the fruit. How to avoid this - this issue is worth investigating today!

Types of diseases

Diseases from which grapes most often suffer are divided into two groups: infectious and non-infectious. The first type is transmitted to healthy plants from those already infected by a viral or fungal route. The disease is easily transferred with the help of garden tools, people and the same animals. If the gardener does not sound the alarm in time, then his grape plantings will wither and the plants will die.

Non-communicable diseases in grapes are caused by adverse weather conditions. Excessive rains, dryness, humidity, early frosts can be safely attributed to this.


The most popular disease in grapes is phomopsis. The fungus, which is also the causative agent of this problem, penetrates the tissues of the plant and spreads very actively in its upper layers. Anything that the fungus has time to infect will turn black and dry. In addition, fungal groups form at the site of the lesion, which continue to kill the grapes.

Black spot

The causative agent of this disease is a fungus that lives and also hibernates in the tissues of wood and grape bark.

The disease affects the entire green part of the grapes and manifests itself in the form of brown small dots. Then these points combine with each other, forming large lesions, which subsequently dry out and fall off.


The causative agent of this disease feels very well during the wintering of grapes. And then, during the ripening of the kidneys, he also wakes up and begins his activity. At first, it affects the grapes in the form of small brown dots, which subsequently grow and affect the entire berry. Then it bursts and new fruits will never appear in this place.

Special care

When planning to grow grapes in their own homes, every gardener should remember that this is a very complex plant that requires very careful supervision. Such a vineyard must be monitored very seriously so that later the fruits will delight their owners with a rich taste and unreal aroma. If a person does not have a desire to devote so much time to one bush, then most likely, the right decision would be to completely abandon its cultivation, since if diseases are not eliminated on it in time, they can be transmitted to other healthy plants.