Strawberries are a popular garden crop that most summer residents grow and also use as a profitable business if the production process involves obtaining a year-round harvest. In order for the berry to be tasty, sweet and aromatic, it is necessary not only to choose a suitable variety, but also to use special substances that will supply the plant with nutritional components - top dressing.

The application is carried out several times per season: during flowering, fruiting and full harvesting. You need to know how to feed strawberries in the spring for a good harvest, folk remedies for this purpose are used no less actively than ready-made compositions that can be purchased in specialized stores. The components do not need to be added immediately, choosing the appropriate options. Top dressing components: nitrogen (after the snow melts to strengthen the root system), potassium is added during the fruiting period, complex compositions - after harvesting or for additional plant strengthening if the soil is depleted.

Strawberries are a popular garden crop

What substances does culture need

Properly feeding strawberry bushes is necessary in order to get consistently high yields. The use of folk recipes allows you to achieve good quality berries. It is necessary to ensure that after the application of fertilizers and compositions according to folk recipes, the acidity indicators remain low - within up to 7.5 ph.

Allows you to balance the existing acid in the open ground milk. Traditional methods indicate that a sour dairy product works best. It must be applied by spraying. Watering is also suitable, but at a distance of 10 cm from the plant. To prepare a top dressing based on sour milk, you need to warm it up and mix it with water in a 1: 2 ratio. Recommended for early season for better fruiting. Additionally, you can water the soil near the strawberry bushes after the final harvest, as well as in the first decade of September. The main advantages of using this method are that the soil is enriched with potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sulfur. As a result, the following are observed:

  • increase in productivity indicators;
  • activation of growth processes (positively affects, including the number of ovaries, resistance to diseases, quality of berries);
  • an increase in the timing of fruiting;
  • increasing resistance to the influence of pests (mites, aphids);
  • increased resistance to disease.

Important! This method requires large financial costs, so it is cost-effective to use it on small-sized beds.


Homemade strawberries (strawberries) during the formation of berries and in order to increase the yield indicators need organic feeding. For this purpose, gardeners use droppings (bird droppings).

Remember! This ingredient is very rich and concentrated. Feature - high nitrogen content. It is recommended to feed with such a substance at the very beginning of plant development - this will not only increase the yield, but also make the berry larger.

There are 3 types of chicken manure-based feeding:

  • Liquid solution (droppings + water) - you need to add 1 part of droppings and 40 parts of water, water the aisles;
  • Dry litter - the time of its introduction is autumn, when the entire main crop has already been harvested.The advantage is that chemistry is not included in the composition, the plant and fertile soil receive exclusively natural components. A feature of the introduction is the fact that it must be scattered in a thin layer, mixing with peat;
  • Manure granules are a useful form of fertilizing for strawberry planting and the fastest in terms of application time - it must be scattered on the ground. Quantity - 250 g / 1 m².

Feature - you must not allow contact with the bushes.

Attention! It is recommended to use chicken manure on well-moisturized soil. You can add pellets directly after rain.

In order to prepare a nutrient liquid solution, you should use a recipe: you need to take 12 liters of water, heat it to 25-30 degrees, dissolve 0.5 kg of droppings. After thorough mixing, the solution is ready to use. For convenience, it is poured into a watering can. The peculiarity of feeding is to water the aisles, observing a distance of 6 cm from the strawberry bushes. Then the bushes themselves should be watered with plain water to exclude contact with the manure solution.

Important! It is impossible to exceed the dosage of organic matter, as this can cause burns to the roots or leaves.


If the question arises of how to feed strawberries during fruiting or flowering with folk remedies, you need to pay attention to the properties of humus useful for strawberries. The main substances that the plant will receive:


  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus.

It is introduced into open ground in spring, when the growing season begins. The optimal time for adding to the soil is the moment of loosening. You can also prepare a liquid humus solution, which you then need to carry out nutritious watering. To increase yields, it is required to take 2.5 kg of manure and 8 liters of clean settled water. The components are mixed in a large container. Before use, the solution should be infused warm for 2 days. This is necessary so that urea and ammonia leave the liquid. Before direct watering, the prepared manure solution will need to be additionally diluted with water, since it is concentrated in its pure form. For this purpose, you need to take 1 part of the solution and dilute in 5 parts of water. The watering process must be done 10 cm from the bushes, then the strawberry bush will not get burned, and the berry will be large.


Remember! Yeast is actively used in the feeding process.

In order to fertilize the soil and ensure a high yield, you will need to take 1 kg of live yeast and 5 liters of warm water. The resulting mixture will need to be diluted with an additional 10 liters of water.

If dry yeast is used, it must first be diluted in warm water. To increase efficiency, add granulated sugar (2 tablespoons). As a result of using this folk recipe, strawberries receive a set of useful substances such as thiamine, cytokinin, auxin and a complex of B vitamins. Before watering, you will need to dilute the composition with warm water to reduce the concentration. Apply to the soil next to bushes at a distance of 5-10 cm, as well as under bushes. You need to use this top dressing 3 times per season:

  • at the very beginning of the season;
  • at the beginning of the growing season, when flowering begins;
  • after picking berries.

Consider! At low temperatures, the fermentation process decreases or completely stops, therefore, it is necessary to take into account the regional characteristics of the climate in order for the yield to be high.

Important! Yeast top dressing works only in well warmed soil.

Other options

Boron shows good results. Boric alcohol or dry substance is used for feeding. You will need to take 2 g and dilute in 10 liters of water. If you need to enhance the positive effect, then add components such as potassium permanganate (2 g) and sifted ash (1 glass). Top dressing, which is based on boric acid, is applied at the beginning of flowering and during budding to increase the number of ovaries.

Top dressing can be carried out using a solution that includes ammonia.Plant care involves 3 dressings: 2 times before flowering and 1 time after the main fruiting process. It is necessary to dilute 40 ml of ammonia in 10 liters of water, then water the soil.

Fertilizer REACOM BOR

High-quality care is necessary to protect the plant from diseases, to strengthen its resistance to pests. For this purpose, iodine is used in the feeding process. Root irrigation solution involves the use of 10 drops of iodine per 10 liters of water. It is recommended to pre-water the strawberry plantings before adding the solution. In order to be able to choose the best feeding option, it is recommended to look at the table.

The best feeding option

Top dressing (main substance)numberApplication periodApplication typeThe result of using
Spoiled milk1: 2 with waterBefore fruiting and after full harvest (August-September for different regions)Spraying, remote wateringStrengthening growth processes, improving yield indicators
Bird droppingsIt is applied in different ways: with a solution for watering the soil in the amount of 1:40 with water, granules (250 g / 1 m²) or dry (with the addition of peat)Before flowering, after harvestRemote watering, scattering away from bushes, soil diggingIncreased yield and berry size
HumusDry, in the form of a solution (2.5 kg per 8 liters of water)At the beginning of the growing seasonLoosening stage, wateringIncreases yield and berry size
YeastDry yeast (1: 5 with water, add sugar)Before flowering, during flowering, after harvestWatering under the bushIncreased yield
Boric acid2 g for 10 liters of waterAt the beginning of flowering and during bud formationWatering the soilIncrease in the number of ovaries
Ammonia40 ml for 10 liters of waterBefore flowering, after harvestWatering the soilIncreased yield
Iodine10 drops in 10 liters of waterAt the moment of berry formationWatering the soilProtection against diseases and pests

It is assumed that the cultivation will be carried out taking into account the characteristics of the region. That is why the gardener chooses the appropriate type of feeding on his own.

Feeding strawberries with ash

Feeding strawberries with ash

Ash for strawberries is actively used as an activator of growth processes and a yield enhancer. Proper feeding of strawberries with wood ash presupposes compliance with the rules, since there are 2 ways to add it. This woody component can be added to the soil during loosening or mulching, sprinkling the aisles. A thin layer of ash should be sprinkled on the soil, then watered with plain water, as a result the ash will quickly be absorbed into the soil.

For irrigation, a solution is used, obtained from 200 g of ash and 1 liter of hot water. The liquid should be placed in a warm place for 10-12 hours. After that, the concentrate must be diluted in 12 liters of water. Watering is carried out according to the scheme - 1 m² / 1 liter. The use of the composition is allowed when spraying bushes during the budding and flowering period.

Remember! Timely feeding of strawberries with ash during fruiting allows the plant to receive potassium, phosphorus and lime. As a result of using the strawberries, they will be larger and sweeter. Its shelf life is increased.

Loving a good harvest means taking proper care of the plant. In order to fertilize strawberries, it is necessary to take into account the phases of development and the characteristics of the composition of the substance. Some components must be diluted before use in order to reduce the concentration of substances. Many substances are introduced into the soil when the berries begin to form on the bushes. That is why an early harvest is not uncommon if processing is carried out in a timely manner. If you need not only to increase the yield, but also to make the berry sweeter, then wood components are used in top dressing. Gardeners with experience can tell you what ash is as a fertilizer for a plant, how to use it for strawberries, so that the benefits are maximized, and the berry becomes sweet and aromatic, and is kept fresh for longer.